Student of the Year 2: Movie Review



Sequel has been made to take advantage of the hit film, in which nothing is worth seeing. The big budget, fashionable clothes, cool characters have been tried to dazzle the audience so that they can not see anything else, but this effort is useless.

The main characters of the story are very strange. Rohan (Tiger Shroff) is a little poor variety. Wearing branded clothes and shoes in the whole film, but while running on the track, poor people live near poor shoe shoes. Pishorlal reads in a school named Chamanadas and sees the dream of reading in Saint Teresa.

Shreya (Ananya Pandey) is a typical rich people who are found only in Bollywood movies. Damages the property of the school and sends the bill to my dad. After all, the trustee's daughter is in front of which the principal is shivering. The principals also seem to have less principals and RJ more. Mike remains with him for any competition.

Rohan dies on Mridula (Tara Sutariya), but he likes the rich boys who have an expensive car. When Rohan arrives in St Teresa from the sports quote, Mridula says that my father has three or four petrol pumps, but how have you come here?

Studying at St. Teresa is never seen. Teachars (Gul Panag) wear such clothes as if to go for swimming. Here boys and girls kiss each other. Girls wear short dresses and boys also look fashion shop. Everything goes away from studies.

Publicity has also been made in the movie by taking money from companies. Hero says, 'Hey, here too there is' Subway', so the heroine responds - this is St. Teresa.

This was all in the first part, but the story was reliable. There was also entertainment. In the second part, nothing was presented in the name of the story. Entertainment can not be found.

If there are two girls and a boy then the love story has been put. Mridula wants to stop, but her eyes are on Amir Manav Mehra (Aditya Seal). It is understandable that when Rudra starts studying Audi and everyone gets despised in front of her, then it is understandable that later this romance will run by Rohan.

It is the same. If Rohan is attracted to Shreya, Mridula also likes Rohan. For a long time, I do not understand who else is wanting? The scenes come on the scene and this childish love story seems to be inconvenient.

The name of the film is of student of the year, hence the competitions have been shown. Shreya's big dream is that she won the dance competition. The thing keeps moving here. The song comes and finds out that he has won. Such a huge dream is so easily accomplished that the audience keeps on sticking to the eye.

Some such competitions have been dealt with only songs. Now a big competition, our hero will play Kababdi-kabaddi. Do not know why the 'country' game was selected in the film 'foreign'? And if it was chosen, why such a joke was made?

The heroes and villains of the film play such a kabaddi that laughs. Fighting in this 'game' and a player jumps like a gymnast.

The director felt that watching this game would be quite enjoyable, so spend a lot of footage on this, so that viewers are very bored. They do not understand how kabaddi is being played. No excitement is seen.

Puneet Malhotra has directed the film and has ruined the producers Karan Johar's money. Prior to this, he has made a box film called 'Gori Tere Pyari Mein' (2013). There is no connection between scenes filmed by Punit. At any time, there is no hindrance, which has no head and feet. The songs were pasted anywhere and action sequences anywhere.

When Rohan tried to annoy his friends with Rohan. When the truce was settled Mridula wants to want, when Rohan likes Shreya, does not understand. When Hrithan hates Rohan, when Shreya wants him, it also depends on the director and author's wish. To say this means that the director and writer lowered the sentiments of the viewers and turned the story where they wished.

The characters of the film have been tried to show something more 'cool'. Many times they also speak Hindi as if an Englishman is speaking. Hero is racing for fighting, so that the water is sprinkled with pipe so that he is 'cool'.

In the case of songs, the film is a pauper. 'This is a youth, it is good to sing', but that is also the old hit song. Arshad Syed could not write the story of the manner in which neither the manner in which the dialogue

Tiger Shroff looks good when walking or dancing, when there is such a situation in the film, but here they do not look good even at this work. In the name of acting, they are still on the rebel mode.

Social media censorship Tara Sutariya and Ananya Pandey have also appeared in this film. While writing to the character of Tara Sutariya, Writer was Confucius, what do they understand? They are not able to impress at all. Ananya Pandey gets a chance in the second half of the film. They look good, but they have to try a lot in the name of acting.

Leave the Student of the Year, this is not even worth the Student of the Day.

Producer: Heiru Yash Jauhar, Karan Johar, Apurva Mehta
Director: Punit Malhotra
Music: Vishal Shekhar
Artists: Tiger Shroff, Tara Sutariya, Ananya Pandey
* 2 hours 26 minutes
Rating: 1/5


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