Blank: Movie Review


'Blank' film has been produced to launch Karan Kapadiya in Bollywood. Karan's mother was the sister of Simple Kapadia film actress Dimple Kapadia. He also acted as actress and dress designer. After Simples's death, Dimple is only brought to Karan.

Usually the first movie is based on the love story of launching an actor, but 'Blank' is a action movie. Perhaps this decision was taken for Karan's dealings and looks. Karan did not have the opportunity to romance with the heroine in this film nor the opportunity for romantic songs. Director Behzad Khambata made the film according to the script's demand and did not put anything that was not necessary in the film.

Sunny Deol is placed in the movie to raise the weight of the film of budding Karan. In the many movies of Sunny Deol, Simple Dresses were designer dresses.

Sunny is in the role of ATS Chief SS Diwan in this movie. Diwan is stunned at the time when he realizes that 20 to 25 kg of HMX has reached Mumbai and thousands of lives can be taken through it.

Diwan gets the news that a boy has been brought in the hospital who was hit by the car. There is a bomb on his chest. Diwan goes to meet him, but that boy has lost memory. He just can tell that his name is Hanif (Karan Kapadiya).

The group of Hanif militants is associated with Tehri al-Hind, whose donor is Maqsood (Jameel Khan). Their purpose is to strike 24 in Mumbai. Haneef's chest on the chest is attached to his heart. As soon as the beating will be blasted. Along with this, other 24 bombs will also be activated in different parts of the city.

Haneef gets out of the hands of Diwan and many challenges arise in front of him. He tries to solve this knot with his juniors Hussana (Ishita Dutta) and Rohit (Karanveer Sharma).

The story written by Pranav Adarsh ​​is the nostal point of Hanif's memory, but it also becomes a minus point. Haneef's memory was known and it was shown in the film in such a way that it is difficult to believe.

The bombing of Haneef's heart and becoming active of 24 other bombs has also been explained in such a way that many viewers will not have this problem. This is the main thing of the story and when it does not understand, the interest in the film decreases.

Haneef chose the path of terror? What happened with that? When you get the answers of these questions, do not completely satisfy. Climax is shocked, but logic does not seem right.

There are also some plus points in the film. Interest in the film remains intact even after some shortcomings. There are also some thrilling moments in the film. Chaseing has become good. Karan has a fine shot of foot in the hospital. An action scene with a travel agent's office is also good.

Behzad Khambata's work as a director is mixed. He has filmed action and thrilling scenes, but he did not understand certain things of the story correctly. He can not be appreciated for the length of the film, he may also be praised for it.

There is no place for songs in such films. Still two songs have been kept. 'Hirmar Karja' comes at a serious turn in the film, and the way Sunny and Saham ji shake hands at that time looks absolutely childish.

Warning will not come during opening credits while Ali-Ali is filmed at the end of the film, Akshay Kumar. In this, Karna has also been tried by showing that she also comes to dance.

Sunny Deol has been seen in a good role after a long time. This role fits on his age and personality. He has done his job very seriously.

Karan Kapadia may look good in action scenes, but in acting, she is very raw. His weakness is exposed in the emotional scene. They also have to work a lot on their dialog delivery. Their look is simple. Ishita Dutta, Karanvir Sharma and Zameel Khan have done their own work properly.

RD's cinematography is fantastic and gives a superior look to the film. Many scenes have been filmed very well. The editor has done his job well.

There is a 'blank' thriller to say, but thrilling moments are very low.
Producer: Dr. Shashikant Bhasi, Nishant Pitti, Tony D'Souza, Vishal Rana, and Pictures

Director: Behzad KhambataCast: Sunny Deol, Karan Kapadia, Ishita Dutta, Karanvir Sharma, Jameel KhanSensor Certificate: Ua * 1 hour 51 minutesRating: 2/5

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