Varun Dhawan's heroine will become roommate of 'Polaroid' Fame Priscilla Quintana

In the year 2018, actress Bunita Sandhu, who will be starring Bollywood with Varun Dhawan in 'Oct', will now be seen in the Priscilla Quintana starrer Science Fiction Series 'Pandora'.
According to the report of, Oliver Dench, Rachel Banno, John Harlon Kim, Ben Radcliffe, Benita, Martin Bob Sample and Noah Huntalley will be seen in the series. Production of the series continues in Bulgaria.

Banita tweeted, "I'm very excited to announce the next project with The CW."

Co-star Varun Dhawan tweeted on Thursday, "Wahoo is very proud of you Bani. Does this mean that now you have to be in touch with your agent to see. "

The story of the series dates from the year 2199. The story of 'Pandora' is basically Jacques. Jacques is a qualified newcomer, who has lost everything after the death of his parents, but in the space training academy of the Earth, he gets a new life, where he meets with his friend the dangers of both aliens and humans. Learn to defend.

In the series, Priscilla Quintana is playing Jacques, and Benita Sandhu will appear in the role of Delaine Pilar, who is Jacques's roommate.

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