In the way that Katappa was waiting for the movie Bahubali 2 to know why the hit Kat of the Bahubali was waiting for the Avengers Endgame for a year so that it can know how the story ends. Expectations were skyrocketing because films such as 'Avengers Age of Ultrun' and 'Avangers Infinity War' raised the bar more.

Director Anthony Rousseau and Rousseau deserve the hope. They went one step further than the previous films. Just as Dhoni finishes the match, Rousseau has ended the story of the avengers.
The film starts almost from where the Infinity War was over. Without playing any role of previous films, the game has started. It shows the confidence of the people associated with the film that he is fully convinced that the fans of this series have seen the past films.

The beginning is a bit slow. All the avengers are scattered. If someone is killing innocents then there is no space left in the space. A superhero seems to be old, so one has come out. Everyone has their own story. Soon everyone is together and after that the film captures such momentum that even in the blink of a blink, there is a feeling that something will not be missed.

This time too much focus has been on the story. The story of End Game is very spectacular. It has drama, comedy and action as well as a lot of emotions. There are so many emotions that some people will get tears from their eyes.

Not talking much about the story, it can be said that there was a fear of confusing, but the author and the director will have to respond that they have kept their presentation with so much clarity that the viewers understand everything easily. Comes. There are many twists and turns in the story and the audience has to remain alert.

Screenwriters Christopher Marcus and Stephen McFly have also answered the questions in the film which Infinity War had left in front of the audience. He also kept the balance of emotions and comedy. Thor and Hulk's comedy laughs a lot. The Iron Man's father who gets his father gets immortalized. There are loads of such scenes that make you a lot of fun.

Director Anthony Rousseau and Rousseau have made every scene better and have surprised the audience. In every scene, he has tried to give something to the audience so that a blockbuster movie comes to fruition and money is entertained. You will find many scenes in which the films and songs will be available.

They have gathered a lot of superheroes. Some come for a few seconds, but their entry is very explosive. The Russo brothers know the way to tell the story. This time, they have found the story too spectacular and their work has disappeared.

One more thing to be complimented by the director is that he has given the footage to the stars according to the story, not on the basis of his popularity. This is a three-hour film but does not seem long.

The film's special effects are less than complimented. While looking at the three-D version it looks amazing. These effects touch the heights in the climax fight. Film editing and cinematography are fantastic. Technically the film is world class.

Robert Downey Jr. suffers on the performance of his crowd in a crowd of superheroes. By their acting, they often appeal to the audience. Chris Evans also got good footage. Chris Hemsworth and Mark Raphaello laugh a lot. All actors, including Jeremy Reiner, Josh Brülin, have done their own work best.

To enjoy the blockbuster movie, then immediately book the tickets for the arranger's endgame.

Manufacturer: Kevin Feij
Director: Anthony Rousseau, Jo Russo
Artist: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Raphaello, Chris Evans, Josh Brülin
Sensor Certificate: UA * 3 hours 1 minute 7 seconds
Rating: 4/5

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