Street Boy: Movie Review


n 1974, Manoj Kumar made 'Roti cloth and house' through which it was shown that every Indian has this basic need. There has been no change in time and today millions of Indians are still deprived of it. Now another thing has been added to the Basic Needs - the Internet So the equation has become roti cloth houses and internet. In the movie 'Ali Boy' of Zoya Akhtar, when the film goes out to color the walls of the city with his colleagues, this sentence writes because today's youth can not live without the internet.

Zoya's movie is the story of an 'underdog' which is full of talent and such a story is not new to Bollywood movies. But the manner in which this simple story is presented by Zoya Akhtar makes it worth watching. Along with this, many things have been added to sharpen the story. The economic difference in the society, the insistence of fulfilling the dream, and the pressure of parents' children, like running around with the main story of the film, and this is why the film is full time.

Murad (Ranvir Singh) lives in Dharavi, Mumbai. Her father (Vijay Raj) is a driver who, in some ways, is spending a lot of money on her elderly family and is writing to Murad. Murad wants to become a wrapper and fits his hobbies secretly from the family. Safina (Alia Bhatt) is a girlfriend of Murad who wants to become a doctor, and wants excuses for Murad.

Murad meets friends like MC Sher (Principle Chaturvedi) and Sky (Kalki Koechlin) and he reaches into a world of which he has not even dreamed, but before that there are many obstacles in his way.

Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti have written a film script together and have written every scene with a lot of effort. Every scene in the film is well-liked. Knowing this, the audience is connected to the movie ahead of what is going to happen. There is a scene in the movie in which Murad is going home with his master's daughter and she is crying. Murad wants to silence him, but his status is not stopped, he stops thinking. Some lines resonate with its pain and it becomes worth watching. Through this line Zoya has also shown the rich and poor husbands.

The characters and circumstances of the film are also shown with details. Marked house remains inaccessible, where the members of the house have to talk privately, they go out of the house and talk. When Skate's house is lost, its bathroom is stunned to see. It measures the length of the bathroom as if it is larger than its house is Sky Bathroom. Through such small scenes many things have been done in the film, which keeps the story level high.

Saifina's character has been tremendously written. It seems to be the fire of fire and his thinking towards life is absolutely clear. They know very well when and how to work. This way, the character of the rapper MC Sher, leaves a deep impact on the film. There is a little confusion about the character of Sky. The phenomenon that attracts him and Murad, only increases the length of the movie.

Seats versatile rappers are excellent and their lines are very well written. Javed Akhtar has written the lines of Murad and it is amazing. The dialogues of Vijay Maurya are worth mentioning and have deep meaning in many places.

Zoya Akhter's direction is fantastic. In the films that Zoya has made, she has portrayed the class of society. This time, he has given the neglected and struggling class a place in his film. He has designed the film very well and his filtering is fantastic. In a very aggressive way, he has presented the story and allowed the audience to not be comfortable. Through Rap Song, they have extended the story and do not let the Songs dominate over the story. On the length of the film, he is seen to have lost some control.

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Ranvir Singh has played a realistic role after the bigger character like Bajirao, Khilji and Simba. Their look, hairstyles, dresses are all simple. Despite this, his acting has been exposed. He has expressed his heartfelt passion for his acting. They have become stars and their good times have come.

Alia Bhatt is going to film the whole movie. In this movie, he has done his work so clearly that he never feels like he is acting. Principle Chaturvedi MC is in the role of Lion and has played quite a lot. They are caught closely by the attitudes and styles of a wrapper. The performances of Kalki, Vijay Raj, Vijay Verma, Shibah Chadha and other actors are also fantastic.

The camerawork of Jai Ojha is full of streets in Dharavi and the viewers feel the settlements and the streets. Film editing is great. If the rap song is used a bit more then it would have been better.

Overall, this 'alley boy' is seen to be seen.
Banner: Excel Entertainment, Tiger BabyProducer: Ritesh Sidhwani, Zoya Akhtar, Farhan AkhtarDirector: Zoya AkhtarCast: Ranvir Singh, Alia Bhatt, Chitra Chaturvedi, Vijay Raj, Vijay Verma, Sheba ChadhaSensor Certificate: U.A. * 2 hours 35 minutes 48 secondsRating: 3.5 / 5

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