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Download  Alita: Battle Angel - Movie Review  on  CavMovies

Download  Alita: Battle Angel - Movie Review  on  CavMovies

Alita: It is also natural for Beat Angel to be excited about the film because its producers include James Cameron who have given films such as 'Titanic' and 'Avatar'. This Sai-Fi movie is directed by Robert Rodriguez and is based on the Japanese Yukito Kishiro Magna Series.

The story of the film is set in 2563. Iron City has suffered a lot since World War I. All arrangements have been demolished. Siegberg scientist Dyson Ido gets a wounded girlfriend Saibberg in a junk, in which the human brain is located. Edo cures his treatment.

That girl does not remember her past. Ido keeps her name alita. Alita meets Hugo, a teenage boy whose dream is to go to Sky City Zalmem where the level of life is very high. The connection between the two cities has been stopped.

As the film progresses, half the robot and half-man Alita start to miss their past a little bit. He understands what is the purpose of his life.

In this simple story some sub-plots have been added which strengthen the film. Alita's mysterious past, teenage romance, a dangerous 'motorbol' game, conspiracy to kill Alita, and robotic and human-looking wild-looking characters, whose purpose is to spread terror.

The story has been carried forward through these sub-plots and the end of the film has been done so that the story can be told in the next part, such as, Alta's past has not been given much information, Sky City and Moon But there is only a glimpse of the battle. It is possible to tell about this in the coming parts.

The film is a good start. The game of motorbike, Alita and Hughs, the mysterious acts of Ido, the introduction of Alita with their power and strange character make the movie interesting. The story of the film is about five and a half hundred years ahead and it has been shown that how technically human beings can be empowered, but the years and oldest desire to fight and occupy the world will remain there forever. Relaxation and peace will not even exist.

But as the film progresses, there is a slight decrease in interest as the matter has been long drawn. Many times the movie seems to be stagnant. Directors and writers try to bind the audience only through sequencing without a story.

The action of the film is extremely thrilling and it has been shot with very cleanliness. The action has both style and adventure. Animation and 3D Effects are World Class and are thrilled.

The presentation of Robert Rodriguez as a director is a fine one. He also took care of emotions and romance in this action film. Alita has also worked hard on other roles. Artists and technicians have done a great job. If they had control over the length of the film then it would have been better.

Rosa Salazar has played Aliya's lead role. His look is excellent and the actress is worth watching. He has shown the innocence of Alita's character, strength in the best manner. The big eyes look beautiful on their face.

Christopher Waltz is the best actor and he influences the character of the doctor. The work of Ken Johnson, Jennifer Connelly, Mehrshla Ali, and other supporting actors is also great.

Despite some flaws, Alita Battal Angel has the ability to tie the audience.

Producer: James Cameron, Joan Landau
Director: Robert Rodriguez
Artists: Rosa Salazar, Christophe Waltz, Keane Johnson, Jennifer Connelly, Mehrshala Ali
Rating: 3/5

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