Bollywood's top singer Neha Kankar, why did she cry for her song long enough

Bollywood's top singer Neha Kankar, why did she cry for her song long enough

On 2 days of 'Super Dance Chapters 3', there were 2 special guests, whose favorite, loved ones are in every corner of the world, on Saturdays and Sunday night from 8 pm on 'Sony TV'. On Saturday, where Madhuri Dixit was sitting on the judge's chair, Bollywood star singer Neha Kakad was on Sunday.

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When the participants danced on the songs filmed on Madhuri on Saturdays, the children and their master thirke on Neha Kankar's songs on Sunday, but something happened on the song that Neha's eyes started melting with salt. For a long time they kept crying and it became difficult to handle them. This pain was that love ...
Songs sung by Neha Kakkar ... You could not get more than your wish, but you could not reach your heart, but you could not even go to your heart, even if it was broken, the door would be heard, the noise of broken heart They ... MAHI VE, LOBABANTE SOCIETIES DE MADADA NASIBAN SO HORO HAY, KISSMAT GEARE, AISI KARMA, KISMTT TI Whose Emphasis Is ...

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In 'Super Dance Chapters 3' on Sunday night Mahi Way ... Maahi Way ... but when child artist Devika performed with her master Aishwarya Radhakrishnan, Neha's eyes began to drench from the middle of the song..Maybe she True love was not found in life, due to which the continuous salt water flowed through the eyes. Actually there was a clear glimpse of the Tees National TV on the breakup of TV actor Himanshu Kohli.

Before the start of 'Super Dance Chapters 3', the Indian Idol program was used on this channel and Neha Kakad was the judge in this too. A Murtaba channel summoned Himanshu Kohli by surprise, and Neha was stunned at seeing Himanshu at that time. Neha had expressed her love in front of the entire world, but after a few months it was reported that Neha-Himanshu has been 'broken' ... both of them unfollowed each other with Instagram.
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After this break, Neha was still in front of the world, but she wanted to get out of the burning of the volcano from her chest. After all, this volcano erupted in 'Super Dance Chapters 3' and Neha was crying for a long time ... Mahi Ve ... Shilpa Shetty, who was sitting close to her chair, took them in some way, but after tapping the tissue paper she would swim in the eyes again.

A little while Neha said that I do not believe that I have sung this song. My parents did my child very well Even in the absence they did not let me feel any shortage. I try my best to always cheer on people around me but what to do is my filling heart ... His point was towards Himanshu Kohli ...

Neha said that pain in life gives a lot of pain, but it hurts if acting is a pain. Neha said a little further, before that Shilpa understands the mood of the spot and says that you should remember two things: 'Do not compile, dond exhibition'. There is no need to say anything to anyone.

The atmosphere was very heavy and in order to lighten it, Shilpa asked to act with Devika ... Devika talked about filing dialogues on Shilpa in the film "Dhadkan". 'God will always be in my heart but you will always remain in my heart.' While listening to dialogue Neha was happy and smiled like before. Then he sang for Shilpa: 'Come in the arms, get lost in dreams, you live in the heartbeat, say to my breath.
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It is a compliment that whatever song Neha Kakad has done, it became a super hit. I wish they had got true love in life too. After being frozen with Himanshu, now he is very happy to be single. He had said that after a relationship my trust has been lifted.

Neha has also mentioned it on the regular Instagram. He had written that it is expected from a celebrity that he always smiles but the reality is that I am very sad in my personal life. I know, I am a celebrity and I am not expected to write all this but I am also a human being. I have broken a few more today, so I can not control my failings. However Neha also says that Himanshu should never be held guilty for my breakup.

The number of people who liked Neha Kakar on social media is not even less. There are 19.5 million followers on this institute of Bollywood's Super Singer, more than 14.5 million fans on Facebook. Not only that, the number of Neha's followers on Twitter is close to 7 lakh.

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