These are the most nonsense of 2018 10 movies

These are the most nonsense of 2018 10 movies

These are the most nonsense of 2018 10 movies

Well, every year, the number of crap films remain in hundreds, but viewers are most disappointed with the films they have a lot of hope for. That is, the name is big and the philosophy is small. Viewers feel cheated to see these films. In the survey of Webdunia Bollywood, who was asked about the most nonsense film, the result of the most silly films came out in this way.

Rubbish Film No 10: Sahib Biwi and Gangster 3

The film's director, Tigmanshu Dhulia, is still searching for the reasons for which the film is flop. This film was made to redeem only this series. Stars like Sanjay Dutt were also added, but the matter was not frozen. 0.70% people put it on the tenth number in the list of rubbish films.

Rubbish film number 9: Ayyar and Fannie Khan

Neeraj Pandey is considered to be the best director. The best films like Special 26, Baby, MS Dhoni, The Untold Story are ahead of their name, but they missed out at Ayyar. After getting 2.45% votes, it was ranked number nine in the list of nonsense films. The same thing happened to Aishwarya and Anil Kapoor's film Fan Khan. It also got the same percentage of votes.

Nonsense film no. 7: vishwaroop 2

The viewers could not understand the film and understand what Kamal Haasan wants to show and why. It is surprising that crores of rupees were spent on this boring movie. 3.15% people considered it a bullshit film.

Crap movie number 6: Hello England

Many times it happens that some movies are so badly beaten that the audience can not even get the courage to watch it. If not seen then how will you vote? Maybe that's why it came to number 6. It got 4.20% votes.

Rubbish Film No.5: Love Girl

Luvaritri was made an avid gesture, but very few audiences reached Salman Khan's Jija Ayush. Salman has plenty of publicity, but the audience is also clever. 5.59% people considered it a bullshit film

Crap movie number 4: Race 3

Salman Khan's film Race 3 was much more than expected, but Salman broke the heart of the fiance. Remo D'Souza left no stone unturned in this interesting thriller series. Brother's fiance mouths were also hanging after watching the film. 9.44% of the votes cast in the category of nonsense film.

Crap movie number 3: Yamla Pagla Deewana again

Deoles are also not available. When the second movie of this series was rejected by the audience only, the third movie was made. Those who watched the second movie of this series were Bal Nok, after watching the third film, they had the desire to break their head. 11.54% votes and the movie was at number three.

Rubbish Film No 2: Satyamev Jayate

Although Satyamev Jayate may have been a box office hit, but most of the viewers called it a nonsense film. 16.43% of the people spoke truth against John Abraham's film.

Rubbish Film No.1: Thugs of Hindustan

This is the largest fuselage bomb of 2018. The film was made by putting millions of rupees, that neither Amitabh-Amir could save it nor the festival of Diwali. The holes in this large ship (film) were only holes, so it was not late in drowning at the box office. 44.06% people considered it a bullshit and it proves how much it is worth to lose their ticket money.

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