Boys whose hair falls at an early age or before marriage have to face a lot of trouble. Not only do they become a joke for people but they also have problems in marriage. Girls do not like to marry bald. The story of ‘Ujra Chaman’ has been woven around this theme.

Ujda Chaman is generally said to be the person who has lost hair on his head. The protagonist of the film Chaman Kohli (Sunny Singh) was not even married and he became a desolate chaman.

Chaman, aged 30, gets a big shock when astrology says that if he did not get married before he turns 31, he would remain a bachelor.

Chaman, who teaches Hindi in college, tries to get close to fellow lecturer Ekta (Aishwarya Saluja), but gets a rejections from there.

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Aaina Ali Khan (Karisma Sharma), a first-year student of the college, makes her close, but within a few days Chaman realizes that this was done just to get a question paper.

Defeated, he goes to Tinder where his pair are tied up with Apsara (Manvi Gagaru). If the two meet for the first time, Apsara does not like Chaman baldness, then Chaman has objections to the heavy weight of Apsara. Both reject each other.

Luck then makes the two stand together. Apsara gets ready for marriage with Chaman. Chaman obeys in an infinite manner. Both get engaged. On the wedding day, Apsara refuses to marry. Why does she do this? What happens on Chaman? Their answers are found at the end of the film.

Ujda Chaman is the official Hindi remake of the Kannada film ‘Ondu Mottaya Kathe’ released in 2017. Original Story Raj B. Shetty has written. Danish J. Singh has written screenplays and dialogues for ‘Ujda Chaman’.

The film’s story is definitely new and has a lot of scope to be an entertaining comedy film. But such a good film has been made on such a good idea.

The film loses its freshness very quickly. In the beginning, so many things were shown fast that there was nothing to tell later. Especially after the interval, the pace of the film becomes sluggish and also starts to bore. The two-hour film seems too long.

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Some things are incomplete in the screenplay. Chaman tries to impress a girl, but his younger brother is beaten up by the same girl. The episode is intended to make the audience laugh, but the director presents it in a very ambiguous manner.

The unity which rejects Chaman first, why Chaman is attracted to Chaman after the engagement is broken, is beyond comprehension. Chaman’s manner of getting ready to marry Apsara is not shown in the manner.

Chaman realizes the importance of his relationship with Apsara when he visits his college friend’s house. This scene has become good, but Chaman is shown to be very intelligent in the film, so why does he understand such a thing for so long?

The track with Aaina and Chaman sounds good initially, but very soon it is understood what is going to happen next. Some such disturbances in the story disturb when watching the film.

There are also some scenes in the film, such as scenes between Chaman and his parents, Chaman and Apsara’s first meeting, Chaman meeting a doctor for hair problems, but the number is small.

Some scenes have become loud in the name of comedy and some seem to try to laugh. Scenes teasing Chaman seem to be fake by college students.

Abhishek Pathak’s direction does not seem to spark. He has shot directly written. They could neither make the film entertaining nor hide the shortcomings of the script. Through the film, he also tried to give a message, but the matter did not work.

Sunny Singh proved to be a weak link in the film. He kept his face hanging throughout the film. It is not easy to see him in the entire film in a single expression. How can someone be so depressed just because of short hair? The camera remains focused on Sunny most of the time and they could not tie the audience to their acting.

Manvi Gagaru, Aishwarya Saluja, Sharib Hashmi and Karisma Sharma impress with their acting. Saurabh Shukla did not appear in the form in a small role. The film’s music disappoints. Technically, the film is average.

Ujda Chaman has ideas, but due to script, direction and acting, this Chaman could not be green.
Producer: Kumar Mangat Pathak, Abhishek Pathak
Director: Abhishek Pathak
Artists: Sunny Singh, Manvi Gagaru, Saurabh Shukla, Atul Kumar, Karishma Sharma, Aishwarya Sakhuja, Shareeb Hashmi
Censor Certificate: UA * Duration: 2 hours
Rating: 2/5

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