‘The Lion King’ released 25 years ago will still be fresh in many viewers’ minds. This Disney Classic has been re-gratefully. Due to photorealistic computer animation, this film gives a different fun.


The technique has been introduced in the new style, but nothing adds to the story because the film seems to be Routine-C. For the first time watching the film, it is not difficult to guess the story ahead.

Raja Mabhasa is the king of Gobhav, who makes his son Simba aware of the state. Mafassa’s brother Scar is seen on this state. Creates a conspiracy conspiracy to gain power. Muffas are killed and the accused takes on Simba.

Simba leaves away from her mother Sarai and Girlfriend Nala in Gaurav Bhoomi. Skies and hybrids are ruled on pride and circumstances become uncontrollable. How Simba receives possession of pride and erases its accusations. It is the essence of the film.

Director John Favreu did not make much changes in the story of the film taking the remake seriously. But in the film released in 1994, who were the emoticons are missing in the film. The death of Mufasa does not leave a deep impact on the audience, or the fire of simmering revenge is not seen in Simba.

The film’s climax is also not effective. The thrill of Simba to regain his state is not known. It seems hasty that Simba wished and everything was immediately done. There was not much struggle.

Despite the shortcomings, if the film is kept tied, then it goes to the technical team. They have presented fine-grained details with so much clarity that they all seem real. Whether the spider is weaving the ants, the ants are engaged in their work, the prawns are being caught, or the knot of woodpecker. Every scene is wonderful to watch and three-D effects deepen the effect. The characters of Pumba and Timon are fun and they laugh a lot. The film gets very entertaining as soon as they arrive.

The film takes you to a different world and tells the story of Mufasa-Simba that living in the world with brotherhood and peace is the best option.

Technician John Favreru’s imagination has been well-screened by the technicians. If the director put the fluctuations in the story and also emotions, then the film and the fray
Shahrukh Khan and his son Aryan Khan have given their voice in Hindi version for the characters of Mufassa and Simba. Shahrukh’s work is fine and in the first film, only Aryan influences his voice. But the bet is won by Sanjay Mishra and Shreyas Talpade.

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In the typical Mumbai style, both are Hindi dialects and make Pumba and Timon’s characters memorable. Asrani and Ashish Vidyarthi have also spread the magic of their voice.

The songs of the movie are not funny and their original soul is lost in Hindi translation. Hindi dialogue is fine, it is hard work and should be done.

‘The Lion King’ is a little less than expected, but it is worth seeing once with the children.

Producer: Walt Disney Pictures
Director: John Favreau
Vice Over: Shahrukh Khan, Aryan Khan, Ashish Vidyarthi, Asrani, Sanjay Mishra, Shreyas Talpade
Rating: 3/5


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