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Story: Unable to ignite a spark in his married life, Raghu decides to go back to Mumbai to work. However, he tricks the village belle Savita into joining him, promising to give her a break in the film industry. 

2018 film
7.4/10 · IMDb
Initial release: April 20, 2018 (India)
Director: Viju Mane
Language : Marathi
Quality : 720p HDTV
Size : 800Mb

Review: Ever since the teaser poster of this film came out, Shikari has been generating buzz, primarily due to its bold visuals and dialogues. The film makes a statement about casting couch in the film industry and how young, aspiring actresses who want come to Mumbai are trapped by sexual predators from the industry. It’s a genuine concept on paper, but on screen, there are glaring issues with Shikari. Let’s get to the story first. Raghu (Joshi) works as an assistant to a producer named Ajwani (Ganeshpure) but back home, his uncle (Kadam) boasts of him being a big Bollywood star. When he comes to the village for vacation, Raghu’s uncle arranges for him to get married to Phulwa (Deshpande).However, after their marriage, Phulwa’s childish behaviour and inability to understand consummation of the marriage stand as hurdles in Raghu and her relation.

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