Dharmendra stepped into films since 1960 and for the past 59 years, some member of the Deol family has been entertaining the audience. Karan Deol, a third-generation member of the family, has created ‘Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas’ for its launch and is named after a melodious song filmed on Dharmendra.

Dharmendra launched Sunny Deol and Sunny has made a film for his son Karan. While making ‘Betab’ (1983) for Sunny, Dharmendra showed understanding. He wrote the story with star writer Javed Akhtar. Took music from the great musician RD Burman. Rahul Rawal was given the responsibility of directing. Pick a good story that made Sunny a straight star. The atmosphere created such that the audience crowded into theaters to see the son of Dharam.

An understanding like Dharmendra could not show Sunny. Sunny chose a very weak and outdated story for Karan. The director himself is not very capable, but himself became a director and took a lot of responsibility. In the result, a film like ‘Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas’ comes out which is very poor.

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Karan’s character is also seen in the character of Sunny in Betab. Karan resides in Himachal litigants and the blog world star Sahar comes on a trip, which at first dislikes Karan, but gradually turns into a dislike, a choice.

The first half of the film shows mountains, waterfalls, forests, starry skies, trekking, river. Hero-heroine has its tip, adventure, but it does not affect at all due to the weak story and screenplay. Karan and Sahar’s romance does not touch the audience’s heart.

The first half hour is very boring. When a little interest in the hero-heroine’s romance is awakened, the interval occurs. The story is then moved to Delhi from Himachal’s litigants and the film falls apart.

Sahar’s ex-boyfriend, his mother’s powerful leader, breakup, and threats of making photos viral on social media have been shown to be age-old speed breakers to show obstacles in the love story.

These tired-weary things have been drawn so much in the second half that it starts to feel that the film should end now. When director Sunny Deol also got tired, he suddenly allowed the audience to go home by showing ‘The End’. This is to say that there is no entertainment in the film.

Sunny Deol as the director spoiled the case by choosing a bad script. Then how could he save a few melodious songs and beautiful locations.

This film has been made for Karan. Karan’s face is seen with obesity. There is also a dialogue in the film that you feel like ‘Gabbu’ is good, but the audience might not like it. Karan should do something for his look if he wants to be a ‘star’.
As far as acting is concerned, Karan is confident, but he has to learn the nuances of acting. They will also have to work hard on the dialog delivery. Now they chew words and speak.

Sahar Bamba looked more comfortable in front of the camera than Karan. He has acted openly and got a good chance in First Half.

Overall, it is not easy to pass moment by moment to the heart.

Producer: Zee Studios, Sunny Sound Pvt. Ltd.
Director: Sunny Deol
Music: Sanchet-tradition, Tanishq Bagchi
Artist: Karan Deol, Sahar Bamba
Rating: 1/5

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