Malaika Arora told why she attracted Arjun Kapoor for 11 years?


For a few days, they must have kept hiding hide and seek, but then understood that love, fear, and what the restaurant, whether the cinema, the cinema began to be visible everywhere.

Recently they are celebrating holidays in the US and they are seeing new photos daily. Photo shows that they are both compatible with each other.

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Recently Malaika said why she is attracted to Arjun Kapoor for 11 years? According to Malaika, Arjuna has a very good habit that he laughs at them very much. Arjuna’s admiration is very much like him.


Along with me, I understand Arjun better than Malika. Despite the differences in age. Because of these merits, Malika has liked Arjun.
(Photo: Twitter)
It is worth mentioning that Malaika and Arbaaz Khan had separated in 2017. All of them were shocked by this decision. Malaika and Arbaaz tried to save their relationship a lot, but later they understood that being different would be better for both.
Malaika says that if a woman is different from any relationship, then society wants to remain alone by not having a second relationship, but this does not apply to men. Rather, after separating from a male relationship, he creates a new relationship, then he is considered to be mannish.

On social media Malaika faces sharp comments about her relationship with Arjun, but she never cares about people.

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