In the film it is said that the customer is an idiot (though there is a worse word in the film) and we disguise what he has to sell. Seeing Made in China, it seems that its makers have made a film keeping this in mind? Anyway, people lose faith in China’s goods and here the name is Made in China.

The problem with Made in China is that the atmosphere has been made a lot, but the same thing has not been given. The packaging is good, but the goods are inferior compared to the packaging.

The story is of Raghu (Rajkumar Rao) who lives in Ahmedabad. Many businesses have changed, but success has not been achieved. He desperately loves his wife Rukmini (Mouni Roy). With the idea of ​​getting some new ideas, he goes to China with his brother, where he meets a Chinese businessman and Tanmay Shah (Paresh Rawal).

Raghu gets the mantra that American men always think about money, then Indian men keep on talking about sex in the mind of sex. He makes a soup that is an energetic poter. He markets this soup with Doctor Wardhi (Boman Irani) and gets tremendous success, but trouble arises when a Chinese leader on a trip to India dies from drinking the soup.

Two things have been added to the film. One, you can sell anything through marketing, just selling should come. Buyers are present. The film shows that water is flowing freely on the earth, yet people are doing business of selling water. The second thing is about sex that still the mind of Indians is not clear about sex right now. They do not openly talk about it.

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Of course, the ideas are good, but the way the screen play is written and the story is presented is not strong. To say that the film is two hours and ten minutes but seems to be so long that it starts getting bored.

There are many unnecessary things in the film that have nothing to do with the story. Raghu’s visit to China has drawn a lot. Meeting a girl there, Raghu’s school going to his child was not very important for the film.

Similarly, the film showing the death of a Chinese by drinking soup is exaggerated, but in the end nothing is achieved. Disappointment is at hand.

Why Raghu hides his wife about the business of soup is beyond comprehension even though his wife is very modern. She talks openly about sex. Raghu smokes with cigarettes and drinks. When the secret is revealed, his displeasure also raises questions.

The scenes interrogating Raghu and Doctor Wardhi are not written properly. When they explain what they add to the soup, the members of the inquiry committee get angry about why they are talking about sex? Now what is the fault of the ward in this?

There are also some funny scenes in the film like Dr. Wardhi goes to the teacher-parent meeting instead of questioning people about sex. There people ask him questions about the children and he answers about sex and it takes a long time to understand that the matter is wrong.

Raghu and his wife’s relationship is beautifully threaded in the film and this romance could have been given more footage.

The film is directed by Mikhil Musale, whose Gujarati film, Rong Side Raju, has received the National Award for Best Gujarati Film. Mikhail gives the story a realistic touch, gets a good job from the cast, but the writing flaw has also affected his direction. The film deviates at times. What he wanted to say, he could not say properly.

Rajkummar Rao is a brilliant artist and he has also acted well in this film. He has played Raghu’s character on screen with ease. Mouni Roy is beautiful Although he has not got much opportunities, he has left his mark. Boman Irani elevates the film with his acting. Paresh Rawal, Sumit Vyas, Gajraj Rao leave the role in small rolls.

The movie Made in China wants a lot to say, but cannot say.

Producer: Dinesh Vision, Sharda Karki Jalota
Director: Mikhil Musale
Music: Sachin-Jigar
Artists: Rajkumar Rao, Mouni Roy, Boman Irani, Amaira Dastur, Paresh Rawal, Gajraj Rao
Release Date: 25 October 2019
Sensor Certificate * 2 hours 9 minutes 57 seconds
Rating: 2/5


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