What makes a little ‘strange’ behavior in the form of mentality is called ‘mantle’ in colloquial language, but some people did not like the name ‘Mantle Hai Ki’, so it has been changed to ‘What is Judgment’. .

In this film, Bobby Botliwala Grewal (Kangna Runaut) has been called Baavli, Crazy, Atarangi, which is a mental illness, and many strange and poor thoughts keep flipping in his mind. She is a dubbing artist and she starts behaving just as she dubbing.


One of her friends is Varun (Hussein Dalal), who sometimes also admits Bobby Boyfriend, says that Bobby has 17-18 people in his mind, and this is why Bobby’s actions are ‘bizarre’. .

Bobby rents Keshav (Rajkumar Rao) and his wife Rima (Amayara Dastur) for a few days, on the request of his Tau, a part of his house. Bobby suspects that Keshav is about to kill his wife.

In some days Keshav’s wife dies in mysterious circumstances. Bobby holds his side in front of the police, but he does not believe in him with his “fad” stuff.

Two years passed by talk. Bobby goes to London with her distant relation sister Megha (Amrita Puri). She is stunned to see Keshav as a sister’s husband.

She feels that her sister can kill Keshav too. But due to the ongoing treatment of his mental illness and the strange movements, nobody believes it.

Is Bobby all this a brain product? Is Keshav really a criminal? Who killed Rima? Will Keshav kill his second wife? Answers like questions come in the film.

Kanika Dhillon has written the story-script and dialogues of the film. He has shown his story with the mind of a ‘mentally’ girl that his prediction of seeing the world is different and unique.

He has worked very hard on Kangna’s character and Kangana’s early comic strikes seem good, but when it starts getting rid of it, some weaknesses of the story begin to emerge.

Especially the second half of the film has not been written properly. The story starts scattering when it comes to London. An attempt has been made to connect him with Ramayana, but this effort is not completely successful.

Curiosity continues to be what happens in Climax, but when the curtain comes from the secret, the audience is neither much enjoyable nor full of satisfaction.

Despite the shortage of the story, if the film is worth watching then it goes to director Prakash Kovalamudi, who has done the best work from artists and technicians.

Prakash has presented the story of the girl with a mental illness in a wholesome manner, which gives viewers many interesting scenes.
Prakash’s talent is introduced when Kangana is shown in the film for the first time. Kangana is doing sharpness and she sees the world vomiting. Through this scene, he has shown that Kangana’s character is totally different from the view of the world.

Many small things have been well-incorporated in the film. Like Bobby’s brain condition, it happened because his father used to beat his mother and both of them die from falling down during a dispute. This scene is filmed in a beautiful way between the colors of Holi.

On the roadside, a boy stands for a virtual message board, through which Bobby fights his fight, these small scenes are said to be very much in his own right.

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Kangana’s brain condition and the direction of seeing the world through its perspective have been successful in getting the director to screen properly. He made the whole movie beautiful. If the script was supported in the second half, then the film could have been great.

It was not easy to shoot such a film for director of photography Pankaj Kumar, but he has done his job in a superb manner. Their use of lights and color makes the eyes dry.

The background score of Daniel B. George takes the film to a different level. He has done a great deal of ‘Tawba Tauba’, the song ‘Mr. Natwarlal’.

Kangna Runawat has once again excelled in acting. From the first frame, it looks like Bobby, but not Bobby. He has expressed Bobby’s insanity, anger, innocence, discomfort through his expressions and body language. His make-up, hairstyle and costumes have also proved to be helpful in his acting.

Rajkumar Rao has kept the adventures of mystery with his acting and this is why the interest in the film continues. Hussein Dalal gives relief to the audience with his comedy. Amayara Dastur, Amrita Puri and Satish Kaushik leave their mark in small roles. Jimmy Shergill has also been seen, but he did not write a strong role.

Though the story of Judgment is not very strong, but the style of saying makes it worth watching.

Banner: Balaji Motion Pictures, Karma Media
Producer: Shobha Kapoor, Ekta Kapoor, Shailesh R Singh
Director: Prakash Kovalamudi
Music: Tanishq Bagchi, Rachita Arora, Arjun Harjai, Prashar Vihan, Daniel B. George
Cast: Kangna Runaut, Rajkumar Rao, Amayara Dastur, Amrita Puri, Hussein Dalal, Satish Kaushik, Jimmy Shergill
Sensor Certificate: UA * 2 hours 1 minute 1 second
Rating: 3/5

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