Ayushmann Khurrana starrer ‘Dream Girl’ is directed by Raj Shandilya, who has written several shows for Kapil Sharma. While assessing the success of Kapil’s show, Raj may have also considered that in this show men and women appear in the characters and the audience finds it very good.

She has carried this thing forward in her film ‘Dream Girl’. The hero of this film talks to men in a call center with ‘love-love’ in the voice of a girl.

By the way, Raj Shandilya says that he got this idea from his friend who used to talk to a girl on the phone. He later learns that he is a boy.

Karamvir Singh (Ayushmann Khurrana) specializes in the voice of girls since childhood. Hence, he gets the role of Sita in the drama too.

Unemployed Karamveer, when young, gets a job in a call center where he becomes a voice-changing puja and talks sweetly to men over phone calls.

Meanwhile, Karam also falls in love with Mahi (Nusrat Bharucha), but Karam does not tell him what he does. He feels that if this thing is revealed to him, then Mahi will turn him down.

Hundreds of people become mad at the sound of worship. He starts to fall in love with her and some get excited for marriage. Karam’s trouble is further aggravated when the people around him die on worship.

Pooja Bane Karam also understands how lonely people are despite having thousands of friends on social media in this world.

Written by Raj Shandilya and Nirman D. Singh, the film had a lot of scope for comedy as the idea is unique, but the idea could not be fully exploited.

The beginning of the film is fast and good. The journey feels good till Karam becomes worshiped, the trek with Karam and his father (Annu Kapoor) is excellent. After this, hope arises that this film will laugh more, but it does not happen.

While watching the film, it seems that the treasure is now empty with the writers. Now they have nothing to give. They are pulling their unique ideas with ‘one liner’, which leads to repetitions in the film and the film stumbles in many places.

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Karam is hard to understand why he hides from his fiancé that he works at a call center. Mahi gets engaged to her, without knowing what Karam does? Overall Karam-Mahi’s love story is somehow dealt with in the film.

Scenes featuring Vijay Raj’s poetry also do not leave much impact. Similarly, there is no specific reasoning behind Karam’s boss as a ‘villain’.

The film also has positive aspects. One, the idea of ​​the story of the film is very strong and the audience likes the film on the fact that the hero is luring men by talking in the voice of the girl.

There are also some scenes that you find loudly laughable, such as Karam’s father becoming a Muslim, dialogue between Karam and his father, Karam’s father visiting Pooja, scenes between Karam and Mahi’s grandmother.

Raj Shandilya’s direction is better than average. He got a good support from the cast, so he made a decent film. The good thing is that he did not let the film be a slut.

Ayushmann Khurrana is constantly doing films that are out of the box. He also appeared in Dream Girl acting high from the script and he saved the film to a great extent. His comic timing and expression were amazing.

Annu Kapoor has also laughed the audience as a colorful father. Nusrat Bharucha had nothing to do and his acting was fine.

Vijay Raj also tried to infuse his acting in ‘Boring Shayari’. Rajesh Sharma’s role was not written properly. The song does not have a place in the film, yet has been kept.

The unique idea in ‘Dream Girl’ has not been fully exploited, despite its novelty, the film is ‘One Time Watch’.

Banner: Balaji Telefilms Ltd.
Producer: Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor
Director: Raj Shandilya
Music: Meet Brothers
Artists: Ayushman Khurana, Nusrat Bharucha, Annu Kapoor, Manjot Singh, Vijay Raj
Sensor Certificate: UA * 2 hours 12 minutes 29 seconds
Rating: 2.5 / 5

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