Commando is a series of action films made in a moderate budget in which Vidyut Jamwal does what Salman Khan does in the ‘Tiger’ series and Tiger Shroff in the ‘Baghi’ series. In Commando 3, Electricity saves the country like Salman and smashes goons like Tiger.

Commando and Commando 2 had average success at the box office, and the third part of this series has been made excited by this.

The film has an opening scene in which the three boys are caught by the ATS on the basis of their fake passports. After close questioning, only a mysterious man could be found, who has poisoned the minds of these three boys against India.

An important clue at the hands of the police is that a big attack is being planned on India and this mysterious person does all the work from London.

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The task of capturing him is given to Karan Singh Dogra (Vidyut Jamwal). Karan is assisted by Bhavana Reddy (Ada Sharma) from India and Mallika Sood and Armaan Akhtar from British Intelligence.

Going to London, Karan learns that the countdown to the attack on India has begun. Will our commando be able to reveal the mystery man’s identity? How will he save the country? The answers to these questions are found in this thriller and action movie.

The film looks good in the first half because it fulfills the expectations that you make with such films. But in the second half the film loses its luster.

Climax disappoints with being too filmy. Did not the writer and director find a better way to end this?

There have been repeated attempts to show Deshprem in the film which is Akharati. Without situation, all of this does not seem right and it is understandable that the matter is being imposed.

Aditya Dutta has also put up scenes that do not suit the mood of the film to please more viewers. For example, the entry scene of Vidyut Jamwal.

Hero’s journey to reach Villain is not very fun. The hero does everything easily, so thrills are not born, nor does he see heroism. If the hero’s path was made a little difficult, the film’s grip would have become stronger.

Villain is the weak link of the film. Gulshan Daiveya is a great actor, but here he was misfit. He tried his best to show himself powerful and cruel, overacting, but could not succeed. Why does Villain want to attack India? Why there is hate in him is not told in the story.

Ada Sharma did not get much chance, but she was successful in showing that she also does stunts well. The director has done a favor to the audience by not keeping too many songs.

Despite the shortcomings, the film retains the interest of the audience, thanks to a few turns and twists, Vidyut Jamwal’s brilliant stunts, some good chase scenes. If not seen with much hope, you may like it.

Banner: Reliance Entertainment, Motion Picture Capital, Sunshine Pictures Pvt. Ltd.
Producer: Vipul Amritlal Shah, Reliance Entertainment, Motion Picture Capital
Director: Aditya Dutt
Artists: Vidyut Jamwal, Ada Sharma, Angira Dhar, Gulshan Daiveya
Sensor Certificate: UA * 2 hours 13 minutes 42 seconds
Rating: 2.5 / 5

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